2nd Year Medical School: Finals Week edition!


How do I do it? 1.5 weeks away from finishing our microbiology and immunology block. Our NBME exams (board exams) are coming up. Our tests in second year encompass all three courses: pharmacology, pathophysiology, and microbiology. I am going to try to strive for balance during this next weeks. Somehow it always get's done, and I have no idea how. This is my attempt at putting it into words:

 The challenge: Even though we still have finals coming up, we still have a full course schedule. I feel like I am playing catch up with the last few weeks of material. To continue to learn new and big concepts is super stressful. Just to catch y'all up on what we are learning, the past few weeks we have learned all viruses and fungi infections, cancer, neonatal infections, toxicology (drug testing, metal testing, etc) and genetic diseases. We literally just got introduced to hematology-oncology and chemotherapy drugs last week (which is literally insane). Upcoming lectures this week: treatments for WBC/RBC disorders like anemias, thalassemia, lymphomas, leukemias, sexual transmitted diseases, case study lectures, and two labs. Blahhhghhghghghg. ISSA LOT. But it will get done. Here is how I am going to tackle the next couple of weeks:

 General Schedule/ goals

  • Microbiology Mondays 

  • Pathology Tuesdays

  • Pharmacology Wednesdays

  • Pathology Thursdays

  • Microbiology Fridays

  • Read 20 pages of first aid every other day for immunology and microbiology in preparation for Microbiology NBME (110 pages to cover) with my study group- (shoutout to Chelsea and Miguel)

  • Start questions and practice tests by this Friday! Review time over!

  • Complete 10 practice tests over the weekend

  • ANKI- Finish 2 decks/day (for those of you that don't know what ANKI is, it is an app that you can download on your computer and phone and I download premade flashcards that other medical students have made, it helps with repetition and solidifying small concepts I always forget, its picture based, and has been revolutionary for me)

  • Sketchy viruses -Fill in notes onto printouts. Only repeat videos if absolutely necessary

  • Re-watch ALL Sketchy Parasites

  • Re-read all sketchy bacteria notes

  • Workout twice this week

  • Cook/meal prep- make it last 3 days

  • Shoot for 2am bedtime, 7:30am wake up call.

  • Delete social media for the weekend, focus. Instead of social media, use your ANKI, ain't nobody playing with you this week

 Specifics/ school unrelated

  • SNMA Executive board meeting: Monday

  • Publish blog post

  • TDL for Medical Student for a Day

  • Medical Students for Choice- Budget/ senate proposal

  • Hair appointment Friday (0.0)- can’t be out here looking crazy okay!! 

  • Might as well get your nails done too… and your eyebrows cus girl… have you looked in the mirror

  • Photoshoot for blog- (only because the beauty med student Osose and photographer is in town, I have to take advantage of the triple deal!) Check out her blog here: https://www.ososeoboh.com)


Staying Stress Free:

Be outside for atleast 15 minutes a day, fall is here and you need the Vitamin D

No more than 2 cups of coffee a day (I have noticed my anxiety goes up with the increased caffeine)

During meal prep you are not allowed to listen to a lecture. Listen to a new album, dance it out, talk to yourself about your goals. Anything but listen to lectures.

Reduce screen time. Only use my phone when needed.

Remember why you started. You will be a doctor. You will save lives.

Notes to self: 

  • Stick to diet, no cheat meals, cheat all you want on thanksgiving. Think of grandma's mac and cheese.

  • Starting a new birth control this week- be aware of the changing hormones! If you start to feel batshit crazy you know why ! 

  • Don't stress. It will be done. You will learn everything. You’ve done it plenty of times before.

Finals are coming! Brace yourselves! I have advised my boyfriend and apologized in advance.

Cc friends and family.

I know this was a quick post but hopefully y'all like the quick and snapshot of my reality as a second year. Thanks for reading !


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