Black Excellence Brunch- Medical School Mentorship

I have received alot of advice about medical school, but something that stuck out the most was: You are not the only person that has gone through medical school. Many people before you have succeeded, and many people after you will succeed. This and other "major keys" were a constant theme during our Black Excellence Brunch, and is the importance of mentorship, visibility, and passing the baton. All black M1-M4's in one room talking about the keys to success over bottomless mimosas and huevos? Seems like a dream! 

I was worried during the decision process of which medical school I would choose, but one thing I was unwavering about was me feeling supported on my campus. Moments like this brunch, and going to a diverse medical school in an even more diverse city made me realize I made the perfect decision. When choosing a medical school, you will have your own rationale for choosing which school is just right for you. Although not even close to a HBCU experience, out of my options, even at a PWI, I feel more supported than ever due to the amount of mentorship and representation of POC and black students on campus.  This brunch was about fellowship, laughing at the failed exams, celebrating passing what seems like insane board exams. We really are all in this together. I left feeling inspired by all the melanin excellence! 

The place we went to break bread and get mimosa shwaztyyy was so cute and perfect for us! Maya Restaurant is a modern Mexican cuisine with bottomless mimosas AND FOOD for under $50. You heard me right, bottomless comida Y mimosas! Maya is located in the Upper East Side, staff was very friendly and accommodating. They worked with hosting and serving our huge party of about 35 people on a busy Sunday afternoon. Triple points- they kept the food and drinks coming, and split all the checks at the end, hello?! Heaven on earth for a huge party of broke medical students! Definitely going to be returning soon for some amazing food and drinks. 5 stars!